1st September

Tonight’s estimated aurora level:

Level 3 – Medium

Auroral activity should be at medium levels. Weather permitting, aurora displays may be visible overhead or on the horizon in Mosjøen (Norway), Oulu (Finland), Luleå (Sweden) and Reykjavík (Iceland).

Again, it’s a similar story to the previous few nights. The solar wind doesn’t look great and we don’t expect much from it. But the past few nights there have been very dramatic spike on the magnetograms across Scandinavia. The activity comes out of nowhere without warning, and it soon goes again. But last night it produced quite a bright aurora for <30 minutes even in Southern Scandinavia and Estonia. The KP system is unable to predict this activity as it comes out of the blue and is over quite quick. The most effective way to monitor this is to watch the sky cams and be ready to run out in a moments notice if something shows up. Having said that, I think we (outside of Lapland) maybe pushing our luck expecting northern lights for a 7th night running! But here is hoping. Good luck folks.

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