Aurora Holidays

Aurora Holidays

Northern Lights over Lapland, Finland

Northern Lights over Lapland, Finland

A 4 night/5 day northern lights holiday, run personally by us around the northern most towns in the EU. At 70°N and officially both the northern most towns in Finland and the northern most towns in the EU, your chances of seeing the Northern Lights are very high.

How would you like to go out aurora chasing with the guys from aurora service? Since 2014 we have been running our own awesome northern lights tours in the northern most part of Finland. We are so good at what we do, we are actually now ranked the no.1 tour company in Lapland on trip advisor.

We made a whole new website dedicated to our aurora holidays in Finland, so for lots more information on our tours/holidays visit:

Northern Lights Holidays

Our motto “it’s all about the lights” has never been truer, because we hand picked every single thing about this northern lights holiday ourselves entirely from an aurora chasers perspective. It is 100% dedicated to Northern Lights and about maximising the chances of seeing them. Out of the top 5 northern most towns in Finland we run our aurora tours near 4 of them! We go chasing the lights to some of the most beautiful and northern locations in Finland and mainland Europe, including into Norway. We will tap into our knowledge from running the aurora information service, and use all the tools we use for that (and many others we have at our disposal) to help get you under the Northern Lights.

Our responsibility for you seeing northern lights does not begin when we are driving round in the evening trying to find them. Our responsibility of helping you see aurora borealis begins when you step off the plane, until when you step back on it! So even if we are not with you at the time, we want to maximise your chances of seeing the lights! For this reason, we have chosen not to put you in a hotel, instead we have personally selected some cottages that you will be staying in that hugely maximise your chances of seeing the lights, even when we aren’t around.

So you will have 4 nights accommodation in your own cottage. You can watch the Northern Lights all night from your window, your terrace or from the fireplace. We will even send you a text message when the auroras are visible so you can go outside your cottage and see them (if your not outside already)! It is not so much about getting you to see an aurora show, it is about getting you to see as many aurora shows as you can (weather permitting!), to cram as much Northern Lights viewing into your week as humanly possible, after all, it’s the reason your here.

Northern Lights over Lapland, FInland

Northern Lights over Lapland, Finland

The maximum amount of people is 8. We think it is of paramount importance that you feel involved and connected with what we are doing, and this is only possible with a small group. When there are larger groups, you start feeling disconnected and perhaps don’t have the opportunity to approach us and ask us questions. That is counter-productive and we really want to avoid being like that. So it is just you and 7 other people maximum. Also, unlike most other aurora holidays that require a minimum of 2 people, we welcome individual travellers. If your worried about coming all this way on your own, don’t be, as soon as you step of the plane in Ivalo, I’ll make sure your well looked after the whole week.

The ultimate aurora holiday

The ultimate aurora holiday

The Price

Only €1195 per person! Convert to your currency now
-with only €100 deposit to secure your place and the remainder payable 1 month before arrival.

What IS included in the price:

  • 4 nights accommodation in luxury cottage (with your own sauna)
  • 3 nights chasing the lights for 4-5 hours (or more)
  • Free collection to and from Ivalo airport
  • Free hot drinks, hot soup and snacks while out aurora chasing.
  • Warm clothing if needed, but do see our clothing page for what you should bring.
  • Help and advice with camera and how to get great aurora shots (inc battery charging from the van)
  • Free firewood for your riverside fire.

What ISN’T included in the price:

  • Flights are not included.
  • Meals are not included. But your cottage has a fully equipped kitchen so you can eat what you want, when you want. You can even bring food from your own country to cook there if you like. But we visit the supermarket when you arrive so you can buy food for the week. Finnish supermarkets have all kinds in, pizzas, fish, bread, milk, frozen foods, cheese, asian/indian food, fresh fruit and veg, etc. So there should be something for everyone, whatever country your from. Food allergy sufferers (lactose, gluten, dairy, etc) are quite well catered for in this country too.

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