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Going to view the Northern Lights?
Consider a local tour guide to make it extra special.

Aurora Tour GuidesWe highly recommend using local aurora guides whenever you are going to see the northern lights. You cannot beat local knowledge, because it is not so much finding the aurora, it is finding a good spot to view them from, and more often than not, only locals know these great places! So here is a comprehensive list of local tour guides in all the typical aurora countries in Europe. You should contact them directly.

If you are a tour guide and want to add yourself on this list, fill out this form and email it back to us. As with most things on this website, it’s free. If you want to say thanks, or if we send customers your way, you can donate of course.


Aurora Tours
Since making this page in 2013, we have since started our very own northern lights tours around the northern most town in the EU (70°N!)! You are welcome to come and stay in our cottages between the towns of Utsjoki and Nuorgam (officially the northern most town in the EU) in the far north of Finnish Lapland and come out with us PERSONALLY chasing the auroras each night.

Northern Lights Tours

Northern Lights over Utsjoki, Finland

We have a whole new website dedicated to the aurora tours. Visit:

In the event you cannot join us on our tours, I will leave all the information of other aurora guides in other destinations as it is (even though they are our now competitors), as auroras come 1st with us, business politics 2nd!


Name/Company: Aurora Service Tours
Location: Between the villages of Utsjoki and Nuorgam, Finland
Email: info AT
Phone: +358 40 473 1143
Description: We are the most northern dedicated Aurora company in the EU. If there aren’t auroras at our location, there generally isn’t any in continental Europe. We have some of the least light polluted skies in Europe, one of the least precipitation levels out of all the popular northern lights destinations and we are so far north even if the northern lights activity is very weak, we still usually get something. You are more than welcome to join us here!



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Name/Company: Arctic Experience
Location: Tromsø
Phone: +47 97 18 58 90
Description: Join a guided tour with professional and dedicated Aurora hunters. We`ll help you get the best photos of the Aurora, and we know all the good, scenic spots. We`ll go further, to bring you closer! Tours from September to April.

Name/Company: Green Fox Guiding
Location: Tromsø, Norway
Phone: +4794800188
Description: Cozy, personal, small groups in 8′s with professional photography guides with experience in chasing Aurora! If you are looking for someone who will take care of you and show you hers majesty beauty – here we are, You Are Welcome!!

Name/Company: Sylvain DUSSANS –
Location: Company HQ is in France. Tours are in Tromsø, Senja & Lofoten areas.
Phone: +33 (0)6 82 94 14 83
Description: provide to photo enthusiasts photo tours in Northern Norway. Wilderness is at the heart of our trips. We schedule specials auroras & photo tours in march and september, around Tromsø and Senja.



Name/Company: The Aurora Photo Guide – Runólfur Hauksson
Location: Höfn Hornafjörður. Iceland
Phone: +3548455885
Description: Are you fascinated by Icelandic nature? Do you want to explore its hidden places and see the Northern Lights? I cannot promise that you will actually see the lights, but I can show you the most beautiful places and some excellent spots for photographers. We offer customized tours for 2 to 6 persons.



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