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Tromso Beach

Sighting location: latitude: 69.6304 longitude: 18.9111

Submitted by: Greg


30mns show


Sighting location: latitude: 69.6602 longitude: 19.0135

Submitted by: Ole


Broad belt of aurora, varying intensity, color ranging from green to violet.

Aurora over 60% of the Sky

Sighting location: latitude: 64.09 longitude: -20.4368

Submitted by: Thomas Kuntze


Clear Sky, stars good. green and purpel aurora from 9:40pm till 4:00am.


Sighting location: latitude: 65.5861 longitude: 19.1868

Submitted by: Robert Borcsok


Clearly visible AB.

KP5-6 aurora sighting the whole evening from 18h to midnight!

Sighting location: latitude: 69.3748 longitude: 20.2811

Submitted by: Stephen L


There was a HUGE sighting of aurora aka nothern lights the wole evening from 18h-midnight even though it was not predicted to happen before the night! The sighting was amazing with clearly visible auroras with naked eyes, with green and pink types, and moving also! This place is great because of the very low light pollution and the great scenery, and also because the Lyngen Alps protect from the bad weather so even though it was a very bad weather in Tromso, it was totally clear skies there!

KP5 aurora sighting on 17 to 18/12/2017 night at around 1am

Sighting location: latitude: 69.6349 longitude: 18.9035

Submitted by: Stephen L


KP5 aurora sighting on 17 to 18/12/2017 night at around 1am. This location is a bit polluted by city lights and clouds if weather is bad but it is still possible to see nothern lights from there, because of the big park, there is diminished light pollution.

aurora green curtain overhead

Sighting location: latitude: 62.1646 longitude: -6.7109

Submitted by: mholman reporting for TomWhite


aurora green curtain overhead, horizon to horizon, two hours duration, some light pollution from bright moon

Aurora borealis

Sighting location: latitude: 60.5297 longitude: 15.3748

Submitted by: Andres


Aurora borealis

Kirknewton, West Lothian

Sighting location: latitude: 55.7013 longitude: -3.2832

Submitted by: Keith Lugton


Beautiful aurora at 10.30pm. Rolling waves of green light with spikes spreading south. White arc of light with frequent increases in intensity spreading from west to east. Thank for the alert.

Aurora seen Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria

Sighting location: latitude: 54.9236 longitude: -3.1011

Submitted by: Stephen Hind


We initially saw just a grey band that you could easily mistake for just mist, but when a long-exposure photo take the distinctive green was visible. But late the switch was flicked and both movement and colour were visible for a minute or two. Almost unbelievably to me I took the photo on my OnePlus 5 smartphone as the battery in my Canon 300D had died.