Getting here

Northern Lights tour locations in 2020-2021
Our Northern Lights Tours Locations

Our 4 night Northern lights holidays run Monday to Friday, while our 3 night holiday runs Friday to Monday. Please read the following information on flights to make getting to and from us as seamless as possible.

Wherever you are in the world, you need to fly to Helsinki, Finland and then quick internal flight up to Ivalo airport in Lapland. Sometimes there are direct flights to Ivalo from Europe so it’s worth having a look. But most people do Helsinki then upto Ivalo. Flights to Ivalo run multiple times per day, every day.

We will pick you up from Ivalo, Finland (free of charge), drive you to the supermarket to do a little shop for the week, then drive you to your cottage in Utsjoki. We take care of everything once you are here. So just get here 😉

Our Asgard tour guide will be in Ivalo to collect people between 1pm and 2pm on Monday (for weekday tours) and the same on Friday (for weekend tours). If you are flying in on the day your tour commences, you can choose any flight that gets in before or around then. Usually there are a few flights in, such as 1130, 1245 and 1320. Any of those flights are fine.

Check out the flights at There are sometimes also direct flights from London and a few other major European cities to Ivalo, so do check them out. It makes getting here incredibly easy. Booking early is advised! This is a very popular Lapland airport and the earlier you book flights, the better.

If you are arriving in Ivalo in a rental car or bus, aim to be in Ivalo for around midday on the day your tour commences, return the car at Ivalo airport and jump in our bus. It’s that simple.

In case you are arriving in Ivalo by bus, we can collect you from Ivalo Matkahuolto bus station where you can wait for your collection in the little cafeteria. The collection time will be around 12 – 1 pm. A more exact time will be given to you in advance.

If it is not possible to make the recommended flight, don’t worry! Many of our customers fly into Helsinki or Ivalo a day early and stay in a hotel. If you stay in a hotel in Ivalo the night before, we can pick you up from a hotel in Ivalo instead of the airport, absolutely no problem. It’s actually quite common we do that. Just book it! Hotels include Kultahippu, Hotel Ivalo, Naverniemi Holiday Center, etc. Sometimes this is the best solution (to fly into Ivalo a day early), as the flights can be much cheaper and there is better availability.

If you are a large group, it may be possible to collect you on the later flight, so do email us and enquire. If you are a large group and you are doing a cruise before or after our tours, it may be possible to collect/drop you off at the cruise terminal in Kirkenes. Do email us and enquire. We are probably the most flexible tour company out there, so hit us with your itinerary and we’ll try and help you out with the logistics.

Flights out

The recommended flights out for all tours are any flights outbound from Ivalo between midday and 2pm. We drop off at the airport about 1130 am. It is totally fine to book the later flights out, such as 6pm or even later. It just means you will have a bit of a wait in the airport. All our cottages check out time is at midday, as they need to be cleaned and prepped for the next northern lights holiday guests arriving. We can drop you off at a restaurant in Ivalo if you want to kill a bit of time before your evening flight. But again, we are flexible with flights, so always double check with us if you have strange flight times and we will try and make it work.

Ivalo airport

When you arrive at Ivalo airport, there is no rush to get outside and meet us. It is a long drive back to your cottage (including the stop at the supermarket we make on the way so you can get some food/drink for your cottage). So feel free to go the bathroom in the airport and freshen up. We will be in the arrivals hall to greet you when you are ready. Don’t wait in the baggage area for us (where the suitcase carousel is), walk through into the main airport lounge and you will see us easily. Have a nice flight to Finland and we’ll see you on the other side.

For your northern lights holiday with us, we’ll pick you up from Ivalo Airport, Finland.
Ivalo aiport, the northern most airport in Finland
Taking off and landing on snow is exciting 🙂

Have a pleasant journey!
See you soon.