The best Northern Lights holiday in Finland!

Welcome to our Asgard northern lights holiday based in Utsjoki, the northernmost region of Lapland at 70°N latitude! Prices starting from €995 for 3 nights and €1195 for 4 nights.

Our huge Northern Lights watchtower at our Asgard site! It is based right next to the cottages, so you can pop outside your cottage and run up the tower to watch the northern lights!

In 2013, I was an amateur aurora chaser and had been for a few years. Lots of people were contacting me asking to join me on a tour, but back then I didn’t run them. The time came to make the transition from aurora chasing in my spare time, to doing it for a living, so I made the decision to step out of my comfort zone and start a northern lights company from scratch.

I got a map of Finland and a pin that I needed to stick in somewhere to base this northern lights holiday (it really was that from scratch!). So in 2013 I designed this entire holiday myself, from the location in northern most Finland, to the cottages, to the itinerary and everything else. To cut a long story short, it was a roaring success! It became super popular and it even became the no.1 ranked northern lights holiday in all of Lapland on TripAdvisor. Back then (pre-covid times), it was always sold out a year in advance such was the demand, so it was quite difficult to get on it! Now after Covid, availability is much better and it is much easier to book your preferred dates, so you are welcome to come here.

Amazingly, customers we had in our very first winter are still returning year after year. Some customers have come back 7 years straight! Now as I write this, it is approaching 10 years we have now been running these northern lights holidays here! To say it was a good decision choosing this place would be an understatement. Yes, it’s a 2 hour drive North from the nearest airport (that being Ivalo aiport), but ask any of the thousands of customers who have come here and stayed with us over the years was it worth it and the answer would be a resounding yes! It is absolutely amazing here. I still get the buzz aurora chasing here even after all these years. I’ve always said, this isn’t a job to me, this is my life! I absolutely love what I do and every single person that visits us I give 110% to get them under the aurora. As I will do for you also.

View from the top of the watchtower 🙂

So we currently have 10 cottages at this location. Back when we first started there was only 5 original cottages here. We had thousands of people stay in them and everybody loved them. But since then, the site has slowly expanded and now there are also 5 newer cottages. It’s up to you which cottages you want to stay in, depending on your budget. Some cottages are 2 bedroom and some are 1 bedroom, you’ll be allocated a size based on the amount of people in your booking (or contact us with any questions/requests). More info on the cottages here. Here is a quick gallery of the cottages:

The 5 newer Asgard cottages (we call it Asgard B):

The 5 original Asgard cottages (we call it Asgard A):

What’s included in the holiday?

In a nutshell, you fly into Ivalo airport where we will meet you (more details on flights and how to get here). We’ll then drive 2 hours North back to Utsjoki where you have your very own cottage. We’ll stop at a supermarket along the way so you can get provisions for your stay. There is a nice restaurant a short walk from your cottage for evening meals if don’t want to cook that much.

Each night we’ll pick you up and go out aurora chasing! In the daytime, you can add on activities such as Husky sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoe walking, etc. Or you can just chill! We run a really laid back approach and it’s up to you how much you want to do. We get people of all ages here, from 1 to 90. Everyone is different. You tell us what you want to do. Sometimes if we have a couple nights of epic aurora, people have seen enough and decide to stay in and drink wine on the last night 🙂 . It’s all up to you.

If it is too cloudy for northern lights to appear at the cottages, we’ll hop in the bus and head out aurora chasing.